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This is a list of events celebrated in this country.
Name Type DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Website
WikiSym 2006 conference 21 August 2006


This is a list of authors in this country.
Name Affiliation Website
Finn Årup Nielsen Technical University of Denmark
Karol J. Borowiecki University of Southern Denmark
Mark J. Nelson
Matthew J. Kempton


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Title Author(s) Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Change in access to heritage after digitization: ethnographic collections in Wikipedia Trilce Navarrete
Karol J. Borowiecki
Heritage consumption
Digital heritage
Exhibition history
Cultural Trends English 17 October 2016 Visits to museums have been studied as hedonic and utilitarian forms of cultural consumption, though limited attention has been given to the access of museum collections online. We perform a unique historic analysis of the visibility of collections in a museum of ethnographic collections and compare 100 years of onsite visits to 5 years online visits. We find two main results: first, access to collections increased substantially online. From a selection of objects available both onsite and online, access grew from an average of 156,000 onsite visits per year to over 1.5 million views online per year. Onsite, the museum received 15.5 million visits in a span of a century while online, collections were viewed 7.9 million times in only the last 5 years. Second, we find a difference in consumer preference for type of object, favouring 3D onsite and 2D online (photographs of objects, particularly when showing them being used). Results support understanding of online heritage consumption and emerging dynamics, particularly outside of an institutional environment, such as Wikipedia. 0 0
Change in access after digitization: Ethnographic collections in Wikipedia Trilce Navarrete
Karol J. Borowiecki
Heritage consumpti on
Digital heritage
A ccess
E xhibition history
ACEI Working Paper Series English October 2015 The raison d’être of memory institutions revolves around collecting, preserving and giving access to heritage collections. Increasingly, access takes place in social networked markets characterized by communities of users that serve to select and rank content to facilitate reuse. Publication of heritage in such digital medium transforms patterns of consumption. We performed a quantitative analysis on the access to a museum collection and compared results before and after publication on Wikimedia. Analysis of the difference in access showed two main results: first, access to collections increased substantially online. From a selection of the most viewed objects, access grew from an average of 156,000 onsite visitors per year (or 15.5 million in a century) to over 1.5 million views online per year (or 7.9 million in five years). Second, we find a long tail in both mediums, where 8% of objects were exhibited onsite and 11% of available objects online were used in Wikipedia articles (representing 1% of the total collection). We further document differences in consumer preference for type of object, favouring 3D onsite and 2D online, as well as topic and language preference, favouring Wikipedia articles about geography and in English. Online publication is hence an important complement to onsite exhibitions to increase access to collections. Results shed light on online consumption of heritage content by consumers who may not necessarily visit heritage sites. 0 0
"The sum of all human knowledge": A systematic review of scholarly research on the content of Wikipedia Mostafa Mesgari
Chitu Okoli
Mohamad Mehdi
Finn Årup Nielsen
Arto Lanamäki
Systematic literature review
Information quality
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology English February 2015 Wikipedia may be the best-developed attempt thus far to gather all human knowledge in one place. Its accomplishments in this regard have made it a point of inquiry for researchers from different fields of knowledge. A decade of research has thrown light on many aspects of the Wikipedia community, its processes, and its content. However, due to the variety of fields inquiring about Wikipedia and the limited synthesis of the extensive research, there is little consensus on many aspects of Wikipedia's content as an encyclopedic collection of human knowledge. This study addresses the issue by systematically reviewing 110 peer-reviewed publications on Wikipedia content, summarizing the current findings, and highlighting the major research trends. Two major streams of research are identified: the quality of Wikipedia content (including comprehensiveness, currency, readability, and reliability) and the size of Wikipedia. Moreover, we present the key research trends in terms of the domains of inquiry, research design, data source, and data gathering methods. This review synthesizes scholarly understanding of Wikipedia content and paves the way for future studies. 0 0
Wikipedia in the eyes of its beholders: A systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia readers and readership Chitu Okoli
Mohamad Mehdi
Mostafa Mesgari
Finn Årup Nielsen
Arto Lanamäki
Systematic literature review
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology English December 2014 Hundreds of scholarly studies have investigated various aspects of Wikipedia. Although a number of literature reviews have provided overviews of this vast body of research, none has specifically focused on the readers of Wikipedia and issues concerning its readership. In this systematic literature review, we review 99 studies to synthesize current knowledge regarding the readership of Wikipedia and provide an analysis of research methods employed. The scholarly research has found that Wikipedia is popular not only for lighter topics such as entertainment but also for more serious topics such as health and legal information. Scholars, librarians, and students are common users, and Wikipedia provides a unique opportunity for educating students in digital literacy. We conclude with a summary of key findings, implications for researchers, and implications for the Wikipedia community. 0 1
Brede tools and federating online neuroinformatics databases Finn Årup Nielsen Data federation
Open science
Semantic web
Neuroinformatics English 2014 As open science neuroinformatics databases the Brede Database and Brede Wiki seek to make distribution and federation of their content as easy and transparent as possible. The databases rely on simple formats and allow other online tools to reuse their content. This paper describes the possible interconnections on different levels between the Brede tools and other databases. 0 0
Online open neuroimaging mass meta-analysis Finn Årup Nielsen
Matthew J. Kempton
Steven C. R. Williams
SePublica 2012 English May 2012 We describe a system for meta-analysis where a wiki stores numerical data in a simple format and a web service performs the numerical computation. We initially apply the system on multiple meta-analyses of structural neuroimaging data results. The described system allows for mass meta-analysis, e.g., meta-analysis across multiple brain regions and multiple mental disorders. 2 0
The people's encyclopedia under the gaze of the sages: a systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia Chitu Okoli
Mohamad Mehdi
Mostafa Mesgari
Finn Årup Nielsen
Arto Lanamäki
Systematic literature review
Web 2.0
Social media
Online collaboration
Mass collaboration
Information retrieval
Information extraction
Natural Language Processing
Open content
Creative Commons
Online culture
Web references
English 2012 Wikipedia has become one of the ten most visited sites on the Web, and the world’s leading source of Web reference information. Its rapid success has inspired hundreds of scholars from various disciplines to study its content, communication and community dynamics from various perspectives. This article presents a systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia. We describe our detailed, rigorous methodology for identifying over 450 scholarly studies of Wikipedia. We present the WikiLit website (http wikilit dot referata dot com), where most of the papers reviewed here are described in detail. In the major section of this article, we then categorize and summarize the studies. An appendix features an extensive list of resources useful for Wikipedia researchers. 15 1
The convergence of notability and verifiability on Wikipedia Mark J. Nelson English 15 February 2011 0 0
Wikipedia research and tools: Review and comments Finn Årup Nielsen English 2011 I here give an overview of Wikipedia and wiki research and tools. Well over 1,000 reports have been published in the field and there exist dedicated scientific meetings for Wikipedia research. It is not possible to give a complete review of all material published. This overview serves to describe some key areas of research. The present version is a working draft. 36 2
Top news cites referenced from Wikipedia Finn Årup Nielsen English 26 August 2010 0 0
A fielded wiki for personality genetics Finn Årup Nielsen Wiki
WikiSym English July 2010 (poster summary): A fielded wiki (a highly structured wiki) for genetic association studies with personality traits is described that features easy entry, on-the-fly meta-analysis of effect sizes and forest and funnel plotting with export of data in different formats. (paper abstract): I describe a fielded wiki, where a Web form interface allows the entry, analysis and visualization of results from scientific papers in the personality genetics domain. Papers in this domain typically report the mean and standard deviation of multiple personality trait scores from statistics on human subjects grouped based on genotype. The wiki organizes the basic data in a single table with fixed columns, each row recording statistical values with respect to a specific personality trait reported in a specific paper with a specific genotype group. From this basic data hard-coded meta-analysis can compute individual and combined effect sizes. The meta-analytic results are displayed in on-the-fly computed hyperlinked graphs and tables. Revision control on the basic data tracks changes and data may be exported to comma-separated files or in a MediaWiki template format. 7 1
Brede wiki: Neuroscience data structured in a wiki Finn Årup Nielsen CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2009 Setup in January 2009 the Brede Wiki contains data from neuroscience, particularly from published neuroimaging peer-reviewed papers. Data is stored in simple MediaWiki templates and it can automatically be extracted and represented in an SQL format. Off-wiki Web-scripts can use the SQL database so items in the wiki can be queried efficiently, e.g., to find close brain activations to a given coordinate. Template content is non-nested and without wiki markup making extraction simple and complete. 0 2
Scientific citations in Wikipedia Finn Årup Nielsen Wikipedia
Information quality
First Monday English 6 August 2007 The Internet–based encyclopædia Wikipedia has grown to become one of the most visited Web sites on the Internet, but critics have questioned the quality of entries. An empirical study of Wikipedia found errors in a 2005 sample of science entries. Biased coverage and lack of sources are among the “Wikipedia risks.” This paper describes a simple assessment of these aspects by examining the outbound links from Wikipedia articles to articles in scientific journals with a comparison against journal statistics from Journal Citation Reports such as impact factors. The results show an increasing use of structured citation markup and good agreement with citation patterns seen in the scientific literature though with a slight tendency to cite articles in high–impact journals such as Nature and Science. These results increase confidence in Wikipedia as a reliable information resource for science in general. 7 7