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Denilson Barbosa is an author.


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Identifying controversial articles in Wikipedia: A comparative study Wikipedia
WikiSym English August 2012 Wikipedia articles are the result of the collaborative editing of a diverse group of anonymous volunteer editors, who are passionate and knowledgeable about specific topics. One can argue that this plurality of perspectives leads to broader coverage of the topic, thus benefitting the reader. On the other hand, differences among editors on polarizing topics can lead to controversial or questionable content, where facts and arguments are presented and discussed to support a particular point of view. Controversial articles are manually tagged by Wikipedia editors, and span many interesting and popular topics, such as religion, history, and politics, to name a few. Recent works have been proposed on automatically identifying controversy within unmarked articles. However, to date, no systematic comparison of these efforts has been made. This is in part because the various methods are evaluated using different criteria and on different sets of articles by different authors, making it hard for anyone to verify the efficacy and compare all alternatives. We provide a first attempt at bridging this gap. We compare five different methods for modelling and identifying controversy, and discuss some of the unique difficulties and opportunities inherent to the way Wikipedia is produced. 0 0
Leveraging editor collaboration patterns in wikipedia Admin election
Controversial articles
Social interactions
HT'12 - Proceedings of 23rd ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media English 2012 Predicting the positive or negative attitude of individuals towards each other in a social environment has long been of interest, with applications in many domains. We investigate this problem in the context of the collaborative editing of articles in Wikipedia, showing that there is enough information in the edit history of the articles that can be utilized for predicting the attitude of co-editors. We train a model using a distant supervision approach, by labeling interactions between editors as positive or negative depending on how these editors vote for each other in Wikipedia admin elections. We use the model to predict the attitude among other editors, who have neither run nor voted in an election. We validate our model by assessing its accuracy in the tasks of predicting the results of the actual elections, and identifying controversial articles. Our analysis reveals that the interactions in co-editing articles can accurately predict votes, although there are differences between positive and negative votes. For instance, the accuracy when predicting negative votes substantially increases by considering longer traces of the edit history. As for predicting controversial articles, we show that exploiting positive and negative interactions during the production of an article provides substantial improvements on previous attempts at detecting controversial articles in Wikipedia. Copyright 2012 ACM. 0 0
Towards identifying arguments in Wikipedia pages Wikipedia
World Wide Web English 2011 0 0