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De Rijke is an author.


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Exploratory Search in Wikipedia Wikipedia
Exploratory search
Proceedings SIGIR 2006 workshop on Evaluating Exploratory Search Systems (EESS) 2006 We motivate the need for studying the search, discovery and retrieval requirements of Wikipedia users. Based on a sample from an experimental Wikipedia search engine, we hypothesize that the fraction of Wikipedia searches that are exploratory in nature is at least the same as that of general web searches. We also describe a questionnaire for eliciting search, discovery and retrieval requirements from Wikipedia users. 0 0
Focused Access to Wikipedia Document structure
Information searching
Proceedings DIR-2006 2006 Wikipedia is a "free" online encyclopedia. It contains millions of entries in many languages and is growing at a fast pace. Due to its volume, search engines play an important role in giving access to the information in Wikipedia. The "free" availability of the collection makes it an attractive corpus for in formation retrieval experiments. In this paper we describe the evaluation of a searchengine that provides focused search access to Wikipedia, i.e., a search engine which gives direct access to individual sections of Wikipedia pages. The main contributions of this paper are twofold. First, we introduce Wikipedia as a test corpus for information retrieval experiments in general and for semi-structured retrieval in particular. Second, we demonstrate that focused XML retrieval methods can be applied to a wider range of problems than searching scientific journals in XML format, including accessing reference works. 0 0
Using Wikipedia at the TREC QA Track Question-answering
Semantic text-mining
The Thirteenth Text Retrieval Conference (TREC 2004) 2005 We describe our participation in the TREC 2004 Question Answering track. We provide a detailed account of the ideas underlying our approach to the QA task, especially to the so-called "other" questions. This year we made essential use of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, both as a source of answers to factoid questions and as an importance model to help us identify material to be returned in response to "other" questions. 0 0