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Dawn Bikowski is an author.


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Developing collaborative autonomous learning abilities in computer mediated language learning: Attention to meaning among students in wiki space Autonomy
Collaborative authoring
Learning environments
Process-based learning
Computer Assisted Language Learning English 2010 This study reports on attention to meaning among 40 NNS pre-service EFL teachers as they collaboratively constructed a wiki in a 16-week online course. Focus is placed upon the nature of individual and group behavior when attending to meaning in a long-term wiki-based collaborative activity as well as the students' collaborative autonomous language learning abilities. Phases of group collaboration as well as individual language acts were analyzed. Student interaction and language use appear to benefit from flexible learning environments although student use of these spaces may not be consistent with instructor expectations. More important than the quality of the final wiki is the process students engage in as they write collaboratively. The paper concludes with a proposed framework for CALL research and practice. 0 0