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David Gómez-Fontanills is an author from Spain.


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Panorama of the wikimediasphere WikiMedia
Free community good
Communities of editors
Editorial autonomy
Libre software
Digithum English
May 2012 The term wikimediasphere is proposed to refer to the group of WikiProjects, communities of editors, guidelines and organisations structured around the Wikimedia movement to generate free knowledge that is available to everyone. A description is made of the wikimediasphere, presenting the main projects and their characteristics, and its community, technological, regulatory, social and institutional dimensions are outlined. The wikimediasphere is placed in context and reference is made to its blurred boundaries. An explanation is provided of the role of the communities of editors of each project and their autonomy with respect to each other and to the Wikimedia Foundation. The author concludes by offering a panoramic view of the wikimediasphere. 10 0
GRF wiki UOC. Trabajo colectivo, colaboración y evaluación Congreso de la Cibersociedad Spanish 2009 GRF wiki is a wiki with forms and semantic extensions used in the area of design in Multimedia online

studies at UOC as a complement of the Virtual Campus. Here we explain how an activity of analysis related with brands visual identity was developed as a collective task by the whole of the classroom with a self-directed distribution of tasks depending on the process of work and how this work was evaluated.

(Spanish) GRF wiki es un wiki con formularios y extensiones semánticas usado en el área de diseño del Graduado Multimedia a distancia de la UOC como complemento del Campus Virtual. Aquí se explica como se desarrolló una actividad de análisis relacionada con la identidad gráfica de las marcas como tarea colectiva del conjunto del aula, con un reparto de tareas autodirigido en función del proceso de trabajo y de qué forma este trabajo fue evaluado.

(Catalan) El GRF wiki és un wiki amb formularis I extensions semàntiques utilitzat a l'àrea de disseny del Graduat Multimèdia a distància de la UOC com a complement del Campus Virtual. Aquí s'explica com es va portar a terme una activitat d'anàlisi relacionada amb la identitat gràfica de les marques com a tasca col·lectiva del conjunt de l'aula, amb una distribució de tasques autodirigida en funció del procés de treball i de quina

manera va ser avaluada aquesta feina.
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