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Darren Hardy is an author.


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Geospatial signatures of anonymous Wikipedia authorship Distance decay
AAG Annual Meeting, Washington, DC 2010 We've seen a rapid rise of volunteered geographic information on websites and Google Earth, some of which is produced en masse by global virtual communities. In this talk, I discuss whether the first law of geography applies to Wikipedia. My recent study of geographic effects in Wikipedia authorship includes data from 7 years of contributions to a million geotagged articles in 21 languages. My methodology defines a proximity metric between authors and articles, and uses IP geolocation on 2.8 million anonymous authors. I use this metric to test my hypothesis that anonymous Wikipedia authors write about nearby places more than distant ones. My results provide empirical evidence of geographic effects in an online authorship community. 0 0
The Wikification of Geospatial Metadata Geospatial data interoperability
Scientific knowledge generation
Workshop on the Role of Volunteered Geographic Information in Advancing Science (GIScience) 2010 For decades, metadata has been the ever-present, cure-all solution to heterogeneous data integration and use. Yet, high-quality, ubiquitous metadata is extremely rare in practice. Current volunteered geographic information systems may provide insights on how the scientific community can produce and manage metadata for geospatial data infrastructures. 0 0
Discovering behavioral patterns in collective authorship of place-based information Geotagging
Peer production
Internet Research 9.0: Rethinking Community, Rethinking Place 2008 While current GIS research has focused on technological issues of visualization and data organization, the emergence of new forms of collective authorship suggest we need new information frameworks and behaviors. How do individuals contribute place-based information to a digital commons? What are the authorship dynamics of such collective effort? For my research, I will use spatial data mining methods to characterize authorship behavior on a corpus of 1 million geotagged articles across 20 languages from Wikipedia. 0 0