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Curtis J. Bonk is an author.


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Wikibooks and Wikibookians: Loosely Coupled Community or a Choice for Future Textbooks? Computers and education
Computers and society
Internet applications.
IEEE Trans. Learn. Technol. English 2011 This is the second of a two-part study of the Wikibookian community. Our initial study explored the basic demographics, purpose and goals, ownership, collaborative work experiences, successes and failures, and advantages and disadvantages of wikibooks. Those initial results revealed interesting issues related to the Wikibookian community and practices within the Wikibooks web site. This follow-up study was conducted to better understand Wikibookian apprenticeship, identity, and community of practice. Our survey data suggested that while there is a strong sense of community within the Wikibookians, most members work independently and without direct apprenticeship from other more experienced Wikibookians. We conclude that Wikibooks is not a social-networking site where people share profile pictures and make friends. Nevertheless, many Wikibookians do not have difficulties in communicating with other Wikibookians or in contributing to Wikibooks. In addition, this is an open educational environment where sharing knowledge is the primary goal. 7 0
The Tensions of Transformation in Three Cross-Institutional Wikibook Projects: Looking Back Twenty Years to Today American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting English 2008 4 0