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Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Negotiating Cultural Values in Social Media: A Case Study from Wikipedia Jonathan T. Morgan
Robert M. Mason
Karine Nahon
HICSS English 2012 0 0
Understanding wiki collaboration in Quebec healthcare organizations Barondeau R. WikiSym 2012 English 2012 Quebec healthcare organizations are becoming more and more interested in implementing wikis. This is a radical change for a number of organizations as the horizontality of the wiki challenges the verticality of the organization structure and above all its culture. Our research will take a new approach by using Boltanski and Thévenot's six worlds framework to observe wiki collaboration through a multi-case analysis including a double hermeneutic process using a research wiki. The expected outputs are a better understanding of the test, justification and compromise phases actors go through while collaborating on wikis and ultimately, to build a model to help Quebec healthcare organizations enhance their wiki collaboration. 0 0
Cultural diversity and participatory evolution in IS: Global vs. local issues Deyrich M.-C.
Ess C.
ACIS 2007 Proceedings - 18th Australasian Conference on Information Systems English 2007 A core issue in communication, culture should thus have considerable weight in IS as communication technologies. We review research documenting the importance of diverse cultural elements - including those identified by Hall and Hofstede - to IS design and usage if these are to be successful. An analysis of emerging participatory approaches facilitated by ICTs, including recent research on community networks and how users from diverse languages and cultures participate differently in Wikipedia, further highlights specific aspects of culture and language essential to successful IS design and implementation. We argue that participatory approaches and user-centric technologies appear to play increasingly important roles in diverse cultures and societies: this suggests IS research should take advantage of both extant and emerging frameworks for analyzing culture, technology, and communication - especially if IS is to continue to play a key role in the cultural (re)evolution ICTs facilitate. 0 0
The Richness and Reach of Wikinomics: Is the Free Web-Based Encyclopedia Wikipedia Only for the Rich Countries? Morten Rask Proceedings of the Joint Conference of The International Society of Marketing Development and the Macromarketing Society, June 2-5, 2007 2007 In this paper, a model of the patterns of correlation in Wikipedia, reach and richness, lays the foundation for studying whether or not the free web-based encyclopedia Wikipedia is only for developed countries. Wikipedia is used in this paper, as an illustrative case study for the enormous rise of the so-called Web 2.0 applications, a subject which has become associated with many golden promises: Instead of being at the outskirts of the global economy, the development of free or low-cost internet-based content and applications, makes it possible for poor, emerging, and transition countries to compete and collaborate on the same level as developed countries. Based upon data from 12 different Wikipedia language editions, we find that the central structural effect is on the level of human development in the current country. In other words, Wikipedia is in general, more for rich countries than for less developed countries. It is suggested that policy makers make investments in increasing the general level of literacy, education, and standard of living in their country. The main managerial implication for businesses, that will expand their social network applications to other countries, is to use the model of the patterns of correlation in Wikipedia, reach and richness, as a market screening and monitoring model. 0 1