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Creating an extended named entity dictionary from wikipedia is a 2012 conference paper written in English by Higashinaka R., Tsu K.S., Saito K., Makino T., Matsuo Y. and published in 24th International Conference on Computational Linguistics - Proceedings of COLING 2012: Technical Papers.

[edit] Abstract

Automatic methods to create entity dictionaries or gazetteers have used only a small number of entity types (18 at maximum), which could pose a limitation for fine-grained information extraction. This paper aims to create a dictionary of 200 extended named entity (ENE) types. Using Wikipedia as a basic resource, we classify Wikipedia titles into ENE types to create an ENE dictionary. In our method, we derive a large number of features for Wikipedia titles and train a multiclass classifier by supervised learning. We devise an extensive list of features for the accurate classification into the ENE types, such as those related to the surface string of a title, the content of the article, and the meta data provided with Wikipedia. By experiments, we successfully show that it is possible to classify Wikipedia titles into ENE types with 79.63% accuracy. We applied our classifier to all Wikipedia titles and, by discarding low-confidence classification results, created an ENE dictionary of over one million entities covering 182 ENE types with an estimated accuracy of 89.48%. This is the first large scale ENE dictionary.

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