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Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
In Search of the Ur-Wikipedia: Universality, Similarity, and Translation in the Wikipedia Inter-Language Link Network Morten Warncke-Wang
Anuradha Uduwage
Zhenhua Dong
John Riedl
WikiSym English August 2012 Wikipedia has become one of the primary encyclopaedic information repositories on the World Wide Web. It started in 2001 with a single edition in the English language and has since expanded to more than 20 million articles in 283 languages. Criss-crossing between the Wikipedias is an interlanguage link network, connecting the articles of one edition of Wikipedia to another. We describe characteristics of articles covered by nearly all Wikipedias and those covered by only a single language edition, we use the network to understand how we can judge the similarity between Wikipedias based on concept coverage, and we investigate the flow of translation between a selection of the larger Wikipedias. Our findings indicate that the relationships between Wikipedia editions follow Tobler's first law of geography: similarity decreases with increasing distance. The number of articles in a Wikipedia edition is found to be the strongest predictor of similarity, while language similarity also appears to have an influence. The English Wikipedia edition is by far the primary source of translations. We discuss the impact of these results for Wikipedia as well as user-generated content communities in general. 0 0
Accuracy and completeness of drug information in Wikipedia: an assessment Natalie Kupferberg
Bridget McCrate Protus
Journal of the Medical Library Association English October 2011 8 2
Wikipedia as a Data Source for Political Scientists: Accuracy and Completeness of Coverage Adam R. Brown PS: Political Science & Politics English 2011 In only 10 years, Wikipedia has risen from obscurity to become the dominant information source for an entire generation. However, any visitor can edit any page on Wikipedia, which hardly fosters confidence in its accuracy. In this article, I review thousands of Wikipedia articles about candidates, elections, and officeholders to assess both the accuracy and the thoroughness of Wikipedia's coverage. I find that Wikipedia is almost always accurate when a relevant article exists, but errors of omission are extremely frequent. These errors of omission follow a predictable pattern. Wikipedia's political coverage is often very good for recent or prominent topics but is lacking on older or more obscure topics. 10 2
Readers are not free-riders: reading as a form of participation on Wikipedia Judd Antin
Coye Cheshire
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work English 2010 The success of Wikipedia as a large-scale collaborative effort has spurred researchers to examine the motivations and behaviors of Wikipedia's participants. However, this research has tended to focus on active involvement rather than more common forms of participation such as reading. In this paper we argue that Wikipedia's readers should not all be characterized as free-riders -- individuals who knowingly choose to take advantage of others' effort. Furthermore, we illustrate how readers provide a valuable service to Wikipedia. Finally, we use the notion of legitimate peripheral participation to argue that reading is a gateway activity through which newcomers learn about Wikipedia. We find support for our arguments in the results of a survey of Wikipedia usage and knowledge. Implications for future research and design are discussed. 0 5
What’s on Wikipedia and What’s Not... ? Cindy Royal
Deepina Kapila
Social Science Computer Review English February 2009 The World Wide Web continues to grow closer to achieving the vision of becoming the repository of all human knowledge, as features and applications that support user-generated content become more prevalent. Wikipedia is fast becoming an important resource for news and information. It is an online information source that is increasingly used as the first, and sometimes only, stop for online encyclopedic information. Using a method employed by Tankard and Royal to judge completeness of Web content, completeness of information on Wikipedia is assessed. Some topics are covered more comprehensively than others, and the predictors of these biases include recency, importance, population, and financial wealth. Wikipedia is more a socially produced document than a value-free information source. It reflects the viewpoints, interests, and emphases of the people who use it. 6 1
The Collaborative Organization of Knowledge 2008 Wikipedia is an ongoing endeavor to create a free encyclopedia through an open computer-mediated collaborative effort. A longitudinal study of Wikipedia's evolution shows that although Wikipedia's scope is increasing, its coverage is not deteriorating. This can be explained by the fact that referring to an non-existing entry typically leads to the establishment of an article for it. Wikipedia's evolution also demonstrates the creation of a large real world scale-free graph through a combination of incremental growth and preferential attachment. 0 1
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