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Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
La négociation contre la démocratie : le cas Wikipedia Pierre-Carl Langlais Négociations French 2014 The first pillar of Wikipedia stresses that « Wikipedia is not a democracy ». The wikipedian communities tend to view democracy and polling as the alter ego (if not the nemesis) of negociation and consensual thought. This article questions the validity and the motives of such a specific conception. Using the conceptual framework of Arend Lijphart, it describes the emergence of a joint-system, which includes elements of majoritarian democracy into the general setting of a consensual democracy. The unconditional rejection of democratic interpretation seems to have its own social use : it allows a pragmatic acclimation of pre-existent procedures in the static political system. 0 0
A linguistic consensus model for Web 2.0 communities Alonso S.
Perez I.J.
Cabrerizo F.J.
Herrera-Viedma E.
Applied Soft Computing Journal English 2013 Web 2.0 communities are a quite recent phenomenon which involve large numbers of users and where communication between members is carried out in real time. Despite of those good characteristics, there is still a necessity of developing tools to help users to reach decisions with a high level of consensus in those new virtual environments. In this contribution a new consensus reaching model is presented which uses linguistic preferences and is designed to minimize the main problems that this kind of organization presents (low and intermittent participation rates, difficulty of establishing trust relations and so on) while incorporating the benefits that a Web 2.0 community offers (rich and diverse knowledge due to a large number of users, real-time communication, etc.). The model includes some delegation and feedback mechanisms to improve the speed of the process and its convergence towards a solution of consensus. Its possible application to some of the decision making processes that are carried out in the Wikipedia is also shown. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. 0 0
Using a wiki platform to promote guidelines internationally and maintain their currency: Evidence-based guidelines for the nutritional management of adult patients with head and neck cancer Brown T.
Findlay M.
Von Dincklage J.
Davidson W.
Hill J.
Isenring E.
Talwar B.
Bell K.
Kiss N.
Kurmis R.
Loeliger J.
Sandison A.
Taylor K.
Bauer J.
Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics English 2013 Background: The present study describes the development of evidence-based practice guidelines for the nutritional management of adult patients with head and neck cancer using a wiki platform to enable wide international stakeholder consultation and maintain currency. Methods: A dietitian steering committee and a multidisciplinary steering committee were established for consultation. Traditional methods of evidence-based guideline development were utilised to perform the literature review, assess the evidence and produce a draft document. This was transferred to a wiki platform for stakeholder consultation and international endorsement processes in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Data were collected on website traffic utilising Google Analytics. Results: In addition to broad stakeholder consultation through the steering committees, an additional twenty comments were received via the wiki by twelve individuals covering six different professions from three different countries, compared to four comments by e-mail. The guidelines were subsequently endorsed by the dietetic associations of Australia, New Zealand and the UK. During a 4-month period monitoring the use of the guidelines, there were 2303 page views to the landing page from 33 countries. The average number of pages accessed per visit was five and the duration of time spent on the website was approximately 6 min. Conclusions: Using a wiki platform for guideline development and dissemination is a successful method for producing high-quality resources that can undergo wide international stakeholder review and include open public consultation. This can replace conventional methods whereby guidelines can quickly become outdated. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics © 2013 The British Dietetic Association262 April 2013 10.1111/jhn.12036 Research Paper Clinical Nutrition © 2013 The Authors Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics © 2013 The British Dietetic Association Ltd.. 0 0
PoliticWiki: Exploring communal politics Makice K. Proceedings of WikiSym'06 - 2006 International Symposium on Wikis English 2006 This paper describes the methodology and results of an attempt to use a wiki web site for political collaboration. Recruited through gateway contacts for online political organizations and publications, participants in the PoliticWiki project were asked to create a political platform from scratch. Foundation content was copied from to seed the wiki. Of the 78 surveys collected, eight members were responsible for 96% of all content changes. This study identifies obstacles to participation on a point-of-view wiki and explores its function as both a political forum and a vehicle for participatory design. Copyright 2006 ACM. 0 0