Computational challenges in e-commerce

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Computational challenges in e-commerce is a 2009 literature review written in English by Feigenbaum J., Parkes D.C., Pennock D.M. and published in Communications of the ACM.

[edit] Abstract

Some of the significant challenges that need to be resolved for improving computation in Internet-based commerce or e-commerce. Resource allocation, knowledge integration, peer production and interaction, and security and privacy issues are significant challenges that need special attention for improving computation. Allocating resources involves that a participants declare their perceived value for the resources and the market computes the best allocation and price that a participants need to pay. The knowledge integration can be defined as the aggregation of information from diverse and frequently self-interested sources. Peer production and interaction involves large-scale collaboration of artifacts of information like Wikipedia and Linux. Service providers need to take effective measures to provide security and privacy for digital content distribution.

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