Components of a Wiki-based software development environment

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Components of a Wiki-based software development environment is a 2012 conference paper written in English by Gruhn V., Hannebauer C. and published in 2012 IEEE Symposium on E-Learning, E-Management and E-Services, IS3e 2012.

[edit] Abstract

Software developers who want to join an existing software development project must first overcome a contribution barrier. The contribution barrier can prevent prospective software developers from joining the project. This contribution barrier comprises technical as well as social hurdles. This paper describes the components of a Wiki Development Environment (WikiDE): A wiki system with which software developers can edit, compile, and debug applications using a standard web browser. Such a WikiDE minimizes the technical hurdles of the contribution barrier. With a WikiDE, software developers can join software development projects more quickly and less software developers are completely prevented from joining.

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