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Community experience at is a 2007 journal article written in English by Muller-Prove M. and published in Interactions.

[edit] Abstract

The community perspective for open source projects with as an example is discussed. is the leading open source office suite, with about 85 million downloaded copies worldwide. It is available for all major platforms and has been localized for almost 100 languages. The project is initiated by Sun Microsystems by open-sourcing StarOffice's code base. Sun also contributes a team of dedicated user-experience engineers to the project to support the development process and to improve the usefulness and usability of Wikipedia is the prominent example of collaborative systems where everyone is invited to contribute and edit articles. Open source projects can also be seen as a kind of social network with the open source product as the connecting social object. The Web presence is a complex network of websites and databases that has a significant impact on the perceived image of the open source project.

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