Cohort shepherd: Discovering cohort traits from hospital visits

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Cohort shepherd: Discovering cohort traits from hospital visits is a 2011 conference paper written in English by Goodwin T., Rink B., Roberts K., Harabagiu S.M. and published in NIST Special Publication.

[edit] Abstract

This paper describes the system created by the University of Texas at Dallas for content- based medical record retrieval submitted to the TREC 2011 Medical Records Track. Our system builds a query by extracting keywords from a given topic using a Wikipedia-based approach we use regular expressions to ex- tract age, gender, and negation requirements. Each query is then expanded by relying on UMLS, SNOMED, Wikipedia, and PubMed Co-occurrence data for retrieval. Four runs were submitted: two based on Lucene with varying scoring methods, and two based on a hybrid approach with varying negation detec- tion techniques. Our highest scoring submis- sion achieved a MAP score of 40.8.

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