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Chunxiao Xing is an author.


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Continuous temporal Top-K query over versioned documents Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2014 The management of versioned documents has attracted researchers' attentions in recent years. Based on the observation that decision-makers are often interested in finding the set of objects that have continuous behavior over time, we study the problem of continuous temporal top-k query. With a given a query, continuous temporal top-k search finds the documents that frequently rank in the top-k during a time period and take the weights of different time intervals into account. Existing works regarding querying versioned documents have focused on adding the constraint of time, however lacked to consider the continuous ranking of objects and weights of time intervals. We propose a new interval window-based method to address this problem. Our method can get the continuous temporal top-k results while using interval windows to support time and weight constraints simultaneously. We use data from Wikipedia to evaluate our method. 0 0
A dual hashtables algorithm for durable top-k search Document Archives
Durable top-k
Proceedings - 9th Web Information Systems and Applications Conference, WISA 2012 English 2012 We propose a dual hash tables algorithm which can realize the durable top-k search. Two hash tables are constructed to keep the core information, such as score and time in the inverted lists. We use the key-value relationships between the two hash tables to calculate the scores which measure the correlations between a keyword and documents, and search the versioned objects that are consistent in the top-k results throughout a given query interval. Finally, we use data from Wikipedia to demonstrate the efficiency and performance of our algorithm. 0 0
Let Wiki Be More Powerful and Suitable for Enterprises with External Program Collaboration
Computational Capabilities
External Program
Monitoring Mechanism
APWeb/WAIM English 2009 0 0