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Christoph Lange is an author.


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Baudenkmalnetz - Creating a semantically annotated web resource of historical buildings CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2011 BauDenkMalNetz ("listed buildings web") deals with creating a semantically annotated website of urban historical landmarks. The annotations cover the most relevant information about the landmarks (e.g. the buildings' architects, architectural style or construction details), for the purpose of extended accessibility and smart querying. BauDenkMalNetz is based on a series of touristic books on architectural landscape. After a thorough analysis on the requirements that our website should provide, we processed these books using automated tools for text mining, which led to an ontology that allows for expressing all relevant architectural and historical information. In preparation of publishing the books on a website powered by this ontology, we analyze how well Semantic MediaWiki and the RDF-aware Drupal 7 content management system satisfy our requirements. 0 0
Flyspeck in a semantic wiki collaborating on a large scale formalization of the kepler conjecture CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2008 Semantic wikis have been successfully applied to many problems in knowledge management and collaborative authoring. They are particularly appropriate for scientific and mathematical collaboration. In previous work we described an ontology for mathematical knowledge based on the semantic markup language OMDoc and a semantic wiki using both. We are now evaluating these technologies in concrete application scenarios. In this paper we evaluate the applicability of our infrastructure to mathematical knowledge management by focusing on the Flyspeck project, a formalization of Thomas Hales' proof of the Kepler Conjecture. After describing the Flyspeck project and its requirements in detail, we evaluate the applicability of two wiki prototypes to Flyspeck, one based on Semantic MediaWiki and another on our mathematics-specific semantic wiki SWiM. 0 0
Mathematical semantic markup in a wiki: The roles of symbols and notations CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2008 We present semantic markup as a way to exploit the semantics of mathematics in a wiki. Semantic markup makes mathematical knowledge machine-processable and thus allows for a multitude of useful applications. But as it is hard to read and write for humans, an editor needs to understand its inherent semantics and allow for a humanreadable presentation. The semantic wiki SWiM offers this support for the OpenMath markup language. Using OpenMath as an example, we present a way of integrating a semantic markup language into a semantic wiki using a document ontology and extracting RDF triples from XML markup. As a benefit gained from making semantics explicit, we show how SWiM supports the collaborative editing of definitions of mathematical symbols and their visual appearance. 0 0
SWiM - a semantic wiki for mathematical knowledge management ESWC English 2008 0 0
A semantic wiki for mathematical knowledge management CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2006 We propose the architecture of a semantic wiki for collaboratively building, editing and browsing a mathematical knowledge base. Its hyperlinked pages, containing mathematical theories, are stored as OMDoc, a markup format for mathematical knowledge representation. Our long-term objective is to develop a software that, on the one hand, facilitates the creation of a shared, public collection of mathematical knowledge (e.g. for education). On the other hand the software shall serve work groups of mathematicians as a tool for collaborative development of new theories. 0 0