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Carolynne White is an author.


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(Wiki + ResTechs) = (Fresh documentation + Organic knowledge management + Training materials + Good, cheap technical writers) Knowledge management
Wiki technology
Proceedings ACM SIGUCCS User Services Conference English 2008 Most Information Technology Departments in academia have their historical roots in a culture best described by words such as "geeks," "beta-testers," "troubleshooters," "debuggers," "early adopters," and so on. This culture was partly created by the fact that the mission of academia is indeed to keep looking forward to new developments and cutting-edge technologies. It is the role of industry to adopt the outcome of academia's frenetic efforts to move forward and to then produce commodity-like products. At the same time, in most academic institutions, Information Technology Departments have also evolved into providers of services that use mature but still evolving technology. The consumers (customers) have come to treat these technologies as commodity products or utilities, and they expect to be able to easily learn how to use them, and to be able to easily figure out what are the services offered and how they can be configured. In such an environment, "deployment cycles" and "personnel training" are often seen as a complete waste of time by the academics, as they themselves are pushing for the next generation of technology to be adopted by IT as fast as possible. For these reasons, the creation of detailed documentation by technical writers is usually not deemed worth funding, and with the advent of internet searches and FAQ blogging is seen often as completely unnecessary. This is a true statement for many areas of technology, where there exists ambient literature and FAQs (such as any MS Office product, for example). It is disastrous for customer satisfaction though, if it is applied on issues of configuration that are specific to the institution. Copyright 2008 ACM. 0 0
Adynamic voting wiki model Communities of practice
Social decision support system
Association for Information Systems - 13th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2007: Reaching New Heights English 2007 Defining a problem and understanding it syntactically as well as semantically enhances the decision process because the written agenda and solutions are understood on a token level. Consensus in groups can be challenging in present web based environments given the dynamics of types of interactions and needs. Larger virtual communities are beginning to use wiki based decision support systems for time critical interactions where the quality of the information is high and a near real time feedback system is necessary. Understanding the meaning of the problem and group consensus can be improved exploiting a voting enhanced wiki structure implemented into select parts of the decision making process. A decision support model integrating a wiki structure and a social decision support system (voting) is presented. Findings from a pilot study describe differences of idea generation between groups. Other issues are identified requiring further research. 0 0