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Carlos Solis is an author.


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An overview of a spatial hypertext wiki and its applications SIGWEB Newsl. English 2012 0 0
An experience using a Spatial Hypertext Wiki Knowledge management
Spatial hypertext
HT 2011 - Proceedings of the 22nd ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia English 2011 Most wikis do not allow users to collaboratively organize relations among wiki pages, nor ways to visualize them because such relations are hard to express using hyperlinks. The Spatial Hypertext Wiki (ShyWiki) is a wiki that uses Spatial Hypertext to represent visual and spatial implicit relations. This paper reports an experience about the use of ShyWiki features and its spatial hypertext model. Four groups, consisting of 3 members each, were asked to use ShyWiki for creating, sharing and brainstorming knowledge during the design and documentation of a software architecture. We present the evaluation of a questionnaire that users answered about their perceived usefulness and easiness of use of the spatial and visual properties of ShyWiki, and several of its features. We have also asked the users if they would find the visual and spatial properties useful in a wiki such as Wikipedia. In addition, we have analyzed the visual and spatial structures used in the wiki pages, and which features have been used. 0 0
An experience using a spatial hypertext Wiki ShyWiki
Knowledge management
Spatial hypertext
HT English 2011 0 0
Distributed Requirements Elicitation Using a Spatial Hypertext Wiki Requirements elicitation
Spatial hypertext wiki
Global software development
ICGSE English 2010 0 0
Multilayer superimposed information for collaborative annotation in wikis Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2010 Collaborative writing and editing typically use annotations to coordinate edition tasks, comment the content, add relevant references, or clarify confusing content. Despite that wikis are among the most widely used hypertext systems for performing such collaborative activities, they have little support to annotations. In this paper, we propose to use spatial hypertext layers as the solution for the management of annotations in wikis. We have extended ShyWiki, a spatial hypertext wiki environment, with Multilayer Superimposed Information features. In addition, we present the results of a study that shows the value of spatial hypertext layers for locate, organize and group annotations in interest groups under a wiki interface. 0 0