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Carl Zimmer is an author.


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On the Origin of Eukaryotes Science 2009 0 0
On the Origin of Sexual Reproduction Science 2009 0 0
On the Origin of Tomorrow Science 2009 0 0
Towards assessing the success of social software in corporate environments Information systems success
Social software
15th Americas Conference on Information Systems 2009, AMCIS 2009 English 2009 Induced by the widespread use of social software in personal contexts, companies wish to profit from its advantages. Owing to limited IT budgets and the need to justify investments in such systems, it is important to assess the benefits of employing social software in the corporate context. In this paper, we propose conceptual models for assessing the success of two specific types of social software: wikis and weblogs. These conceptual models are based on the DeLone and McLean IS Success Model as well as on an extensive review of social software literature. The two resulting models form the foundation for future empirical work in this area. 0 0
Flood little, cache more: Effective result-reuse in P2P IR systems Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2008 State-of-the-art Peer-to-Peer Information Retrieval (P2P IR) systems suffer from their lack of response time guarantee especially with scale. To address this issue, a number of techniques for caching of multi-term inverted list intersections and query results have been proposed recently. Although these enable speedy query evaluations with low network overheads, they fail to consider the potential impact of caching on result quality improvements. In this paper, we propose the use of a cache-aware query routing scheme, that not only reduces the response delays for a query, but also presents an opportunity to improve the result quality while keeping the network usage low. In this regard, we make three-fold contributions in this paper. First of all, we develop a cache-aware, multi-round query routing strategy that balances between query efficiency and result-quality. Next, we propose to aggressively reuse the cached results of even subsets of a query towards an approximate caching technique that can drastically reduce the bandwidth overheads, and study the conditions under which such a scheme can retain good result-quality. Finally, we empirically evaluate these techniques over a fully functional P2P IR system, using a large-scale Wikipedia benchmark, and using both synthetic and real-world query workloads. Our results show that our proposal to combine result caching with multi-round, cache-aware query routing can reduce network traffic by more than half while doubling the result quality. 0 0