CalSWIM: A wiki-based data sharing platform

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CalSWIM: A wiki-based data sharing platform is a 2009 conference paper written in English by Ganjisaffar Y., Javanmardi S., Grant S., Lopes C.V. and published in Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering.

[edit] Abstract

Organizations increasingly create massive internal digital data repositories and are looking for technical advances in managing, exchanging and integrating explicit knowledge. While most of the enabling technologies for knowledge management have been used around for several years, the ability to cost effective data sharing, integration and analysis into a cohesive infrastructure evaded organizations until the advent of Web 2.0 applications. In this paper, we discuss our investigations into using a Wiki as a web-based interactive knowledge management system, which is integrated with some features for easy data access, data integration and analysis. Using the enhanced wiki, it possible to make organizational knowledge sustainable, expandable, outreaching and continually up-to-date. The wiki is currently under use as California Sustainable Watershed Information Manager. We evaluate our work according to the requirements of knowledge management systems. The result shows that our solution satisfies more requirements compared to other tools.

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