Building, maintaining, and using knowledge bases: A report from the trenches

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Building, maintaining, and using knowledge bases: A report from the trenches is a 2013 conference paper written in English by Deshpande O., Lamba D.S., Tourn M., Das S., Subramaniam S., Rajaraman A., Harinarayan V., Doan A. and published in Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data.

[edit] Abstract

A knowledge base (KB) contains a set of concepts, instances, and relationships. Over the past decade, numerous KBs have been built, and used to power a growing array of applications. Despite this flurry of activities, however, surprisingly little has been published about the end-to-end process of building, maintaining, and using such KBs in industry. In this paper we describe such a process. In particular, we describe how we build, update, and curate a large KB at Kosmix, a Bay Area startup, and later at WalmartLabs, a development and research lab of Walmart. We discuss how we use this KB to power a range of applications, including query understanding, Deep Web search, in-context advertising, event monitoring in social media, product search, social gifting, and social mining. Finally, we discuss how the KB team is organized, and the lessons learned. Our goal with this paper is to provide a real-world case study, and to contribute to the emerging direction of building, maintaining, and using knowledge bases for data management applications. Copyright

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