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Effectiveness of shared leadership in Wikipedia Haiping Zhu
Kraut R.E.
Aniket Kittur
Human Factors English 2013 Objective: The objective of the paper is to understand leadership in an online community, specifically, Wikipedia. Background: Wikipedia successfully aggregates millions of volunteers' efforts to create the largest encyclopedia in human history. Without formal employment contracts and monetary incentives, one significant question for Wikipedia is how it organizes individual members with differing goals, experience, and commitment to achieve a collective outcome. Rather than focusing on the role of the small set of people occupying a core leadership position, we propose a shared leadership model to explain the leadership in Wikipedia. Members mutually influence one another by exercising leadership behaviors, including rewarding, regulating, directing, and socializing one another. Method: We conducted a two-phase study to investigate how distinct types of leadership behaviors (transactional, aversive, directive, and person-focused), the legitimacy of the people who deliver the leadership, and the experience of the people who receive the leadership influence the effectiveness of shared leadership in Wikipedia. Results: Our results highlight the importance of shared leadership in Wikipedia and identify trade-offs in the effectiveness of different types of leadership behaviors. Aversive and directive leadership increased contribution to the focal task, whereas transactional and person-focused leadership increased general motivation. We also found important differences in how newcomers and experienced members responded to leadership behaviors from peers. Application: These findings extend shared leadership theories, contribute new insight into the important underlying mechanisms in Wikipedia, and have implications for practitioners who wish to design more effective and successful online communities. Copyright 0 0
Quality of information sources about mental disorders: A comparison of Wikipedia with centrally controlled web and printed sources Reavley N.J.
MacKinnon A.J.
Morgan A.J.
Alvarez-Jimenez M.
Hetrick S.E.
Killackey E.
Nelson B.
Purcell R.
Yap M.B.H.
Jorm A.F.
Psychological Medicine English 2012 Background Although mental health information on the internet is often of poor quality, relatively little is known about the quality of websites, such as Wikipedia, that involve participatory information sharing. The aim of this paper was to explore the quality of user-contributed mental health-related information on Wikipedia and compare this with centrally controlled information sources. Method Content on 10 mental health-related topics was extracted from 14 frequently accessed websites (including Wikipedia) providing information about depression and schizophrenia, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and a psychiatry textbook. The content was rated by experts according to the following criteria: accuracy, up-to-dateness, breadth of coverage, referencing and readability. Results Ratings varied significantly between resources according to topic. Across all topics, Wikipedia was the most highly rated in all domains except readability. Conclusions The quality of information on depression and schizophrenia on Wikipedia is generally as good as, or better than, that provided by centrally controlled websites, Encyclopaedia Britannica and a psychiatry textbook. 0 2
Wikipedia: Encyclopaedia cardiologica Natarajan A.
Racherla S.
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine English 2012 [No abstract available] 0 0
Wikipedia: A key tool for global public health promotion Heilman J.M.
Kemmann E.
Bonert M.
Chatterjee A.
Ragar B.
Beards G.M.
Iberri D.J.
Harvey M.
Thomas B.
Stomp W.
Martone M.F.
Lodge D.J.
Vondracek A.
De Wolff J.F.
Liber C.
Grover S.C.
Vickers T.J.
Mesko B.
Laurent M.R.
Journal of Medical Internet Research English 2011 The Internet has become an important health information resource for patients and the general public. Wikipedia, a collaboratively written Web-based encyclopedia, has become the dominant online reference work. It is usually among the top results of search engine queries, including when medical information is sought. Since April 2004, editors have formed a group called WikiProject Medicine to coordinate and discuss the English-language Wikipedia's medical content. This paper, written by members of the WikiProject Medicine, discusses the intricacies, strengths, and weaknesses of Wikipedia as a source of health information and compares it with other medical wikis. Medical professionals, their societies, patient groups, and institutions can help improve Wikipedia's health-related entries. Several examples of partnerships already show that there is enthusiasm to strengthen Wikipedia's biomedical content. Given its unique global reach, we believe its possibilities for use as a tool for worldwide health promotion are underestimated. We invite the medical community to join in editing Wikipedia, with the goal of providing people with free access to reliable, understandable, and up-to-date health information. 0 1