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Bongshin Lee is an author.


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IChase: Supporting exploration and awareness of editing activities on Wikipedia Interaction
Timeline visualization
Wikipedia visualization
Proceedings of the Workshop on Advanced Visual Interfaces AVI English 2010 To increase its credibility and preserve the trust of its readers. Wikipedia needs to ensure a good quality of its articles. To that end, it is critical for Wikipedia administrators to be aware of contributors' editing activity to monitor vandalism, encourage reliable contributors to work on specific articles, or find mentors for new contributors. In this paper, we present iChase, a novel interactive visualization tool to provide administrators with better awareness of editing activities on Wikipedia. Unlike the currently used visualizations that provide only page-centric information, iChase visualizes the trend of activities for two entity types, articles and contributors. iChase is based on two heatmaps (one for each entity type) synchronized to one timeline. It allows users to interactively explore the history of changes by drilling down into specific articles and contributors, or time points to access the details of the changes. We also present a case study to illustrate how iChase can be used to monitor editing activities of Wikipedia authors, as well as a usability study. We conclude by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of iChase. Copyright 2010 ACM. 0 0
IChase: supporting exploration and awareness of editing activities on Wikipedia Wikipedia visualization
Timeline visualization
AVI English 2010 0 0
Coordination in collective intelligence: The role of team structure and task interdependence Collective intelligence
Social collaboration
Social computing
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings English 2009 The success of Wikipedia has demonstrated the power of peer production in knowledge building. However, unlike many other examples of collective intelligence, tasks in Wikipedia can be deeply interdependent and may incur high coordination costs among editors. Increasing the number of editors increases the resources available to the system, but it also raises the costs of coordination. This suggests that the dependencies of tasks in Wikipedia may determine whether they benefit from increasing the number of editors involved. Specifically, we hypothesize that adding editors may benefit low-coordination tasks but have negative consequences for tasks requiring a high degree of coordination. Furthermore, concentrating the work to reduce coordination dependencies should enable more efficient work by many editors. Analyses of both article ratings and article review comments provide support for both hypotheses. These results suggest ways to better harness the efforts of many editors in social collaborative systems involving high coordination tasks. Copyright 2009 ACM. 0 0