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Bjorn Decker is an author.


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Managing requirements knowledge (MaRK'08) 2008 1st International Workshop on Managing Requirements Knowledge, MARK'08 English 2008 MaRK'08 focuses on potentials and benefits of lightweight knowledge management approaches, such as ontology-based annotation, Semantic Wikis and rationale management techniques, applied to requirements engineering. Methodologies, processes and tools for capturing, externalizing, sharing and reusing of knowledge in (distributed) requirements engineering processes are discussed. Furthermore, the workshop is an interactive exchange platform between the knowledge management community, requirements engineering community and industrial practitioners. This proceeding includes selected and refereed contributions. 0 0
Wiki-Based Stakeholder Participation in Requirements Engineering IEEE Software English 2007 Requirements elicitation and documentation are complex activities. So, not only the requirements themselves but also the people involved and the means for managing the requirements will evolve during the project. For example, it might be necessary to add RE personnel, to document templates, or to change the requirements classification scheme. In summary, especially in participative RE, the underlying platform as well the RE approach must be flexible. As the well-known Wikipedia shows, wikis provide a flexible platform for asynchronous collaboration to create content in general. In this article, we investigate how to adapt this approach to support active stakeholder participation in RE. We include a document structure for wiki-based RE and discuss potential problems and solutions based on our experience 0 0
Wiki-Based stakeholder participation in requirements engineering IEEE Software 2007 Requirements elicitation and documentation are complex activities. The quality of their products can improve through stakeholders' participation, particularly in high-uncertainty projects. However, participative {RE,} especially in distributed environments, needs a platform that can support effective collaboration. The authors adapted the Wikipedia approach to collaboration in content creation to support active stakeholder participation in {RE,} including a document structure for wikibased {RE.} They discuss challenges and solutions based on their experience. 0 0