Bioqueries: A social community sharing experiences while querying Biological Linked Data

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Bioqueries: A social community sharing experiences while querying Biological Linked Data is a 2012 conference paper written in English by Garcia-Godoy M.J., Navas-Delgado I., Aldana-Montes J. and published in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series.

[edit] Abstract

Life Sciences have emerged as a key domain in the Linked Data community because of the diversity of data semantics and formats available by means of a great variety of databases and web technologies. Thus, it has been used as the perfect domain for applications in the Web of Data. Unfortunately, on the one hand, bioinformaticians are not exploiting the full potential of this already available technology and, on the other hand, the experts in Life Sciences have real problems to discover, understand and devise how to take advantage of these interlinked (integrated) data. In this paper, we present Bioqueries, a wiki-based portal that is aimed at community building around Biological Linked Data. This public space offers several services and a collaborative infrastructure with the objective of stimulating the generation of activity in the consumption of Biological Linked Data and therefore contributing to the deployment of the benefits of the Web of Data in this domain. This tool is not only designed to aid bioinformaticians when designing SPARQL queries to access biological databases exposed as Linked Data but also aid biologists to gain a deeper insight into the potential use of this technology. These queries published in the portal are also described and commented on natural language, to enable their use by experts in the domain but with less expertise in semantic technologies. Copyright

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