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Binbin Zheng is an author.


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There exist correlations between editing behaviors and hyperlinks structure in Wikipedia Human behavior dynamics
Social network analysis
Proceedings - 2011 IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing, GrC 2011 English 2011 The co-editing in Wikipedia is a typical and complex collective behavior with lots of voluntary editors' participation, while the relationship between the edit behaviors and the hyperlink structure of articles remains unknown until now. In this paper, we try to explore the correlation between them via a novel two-layer network. In this two-layer network, we model the articles in Wikipedia as nodes, and model the edits and hyperlinks as the edges of two layers respectively. Here, the correlation is suggested to be measured by a structure similarity metric. By analyzing the structure similarity of two layers via a method named partially ordered ranking, we find that there exist significant and stable correlations: in our sample dataset composed of four Wikipedia categories, the structure similarity is around 0.6, which is two times than that of a theoretical random network. Furthermore, if turn back to the initial stage of categories, i.e., take the evolution into consideration, the correlation is evolving too. Usually the evolution undergoes a sharp decline stage from the initial high value, and at last it tends to the stable value around 0.6. 0 0
Wiki-Based Collaborative Learning Activity Design: A Case Study CSSE English 2008 0 0