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Beyond Wikipedia? is a 2006 journal article by D. Achterman and published in Teacher Librarian.

[edit] Abstract

{WHILE} {POLARIZED} {VIEWS} {OF} {READING} {METHODOLOGIES,} {FILTERING,} {DIGITAL} {RIGHTS} {MANAGEMENT} {(DRM),} {OPEN} {SOURCE,} {COPYRIGHT/COPYLEFT,} {CONSTRUCTIVISM,} {E-BOOKS,} {COMPUTER} {LABS,} {FIXED} {SCHEDULES,} {MAC/PC/LINUX,} {AND} {THE} {ONE} {LAPTOP} {PER} {CHILD} {PROJECT} {ALL} {MAKE} {FOR} {ENTERTAINING} {READING} {AND} A {RAISED} {BLOOD} {PRESSURE,} I {OFTEN} {WONDER} {IF} {RADICAL} {STANCES} {ACTUALLY} {CREATE} {EDUCATIONAL} {CHANGE} {OR} {AFFECT} {EDUCATIONAL} {INS-UTIONS} {ENOUGH} {TO} {CHANGE} {KIDS'} {CHANCES} {FOR} {SUCCESS.} Separate or integrate tech/info lit curriculum Encyclopedia Britannica or Wikipedia Evolutionary or revolutionary change Content knowledge or process skills Testing or assessment Mandated skills or teacher choice Print or online Libraries or technology Fixed or flex scheduling It is this sort of black and white thinking that makes stimulating reading and engenders reader outpourings of love or hate.

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