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Benjamin Collier is an author.


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Conflict, confidence, or criticism: An empirical examination of the gender gap in wikipedia Confidence
English 2012 A recent survey of contributors to Wikipedia found that less than 15% of contributors are women. This gender contribution gap has received significant attention from both researchers and the media. A panel of researchers and practitioners has offered several insights and opinions as to why a gender gap exists in contributions despite gender anonymity online. The gender research literature suggests that the difference in contribution rates could be due to three factors: (1) the high levels of conflict in discussions, (2) dislike of critical environments, and (3) lack of confidence in editing other contributors' work. This paper examines these hypotheses regarding the existence of the gender gap in contribution by using data from an international survey of 176,192 readers, contributors, and former contributors to Wikipedia, including measures of demographics, education, motivation, and participation. Implications for improving the design and culture of online communities to be more gender inclusive are discussed. 0 0
Promoting good management: Governance, promotion, and leadership in open collaboration communities ICIS 2010 Proceedings - Thirty First International Conference on Information Systems English 2010 While we do have an idea of what the leadership of open collaboration communities is responsible for at a high level, we have little knowledge of what these leaders actually do. Similarly, in an online context we understand pieces of the process managers and leaders go through to be elected, but their change in behavior once they become a manager remains unexplored. What behaviors do these leaders engage in that is different from a typical contributor to the community? How can we empirically distinguish which behaviors are characteristic of a successful leader vs. an unsuccessful leader? We examine leadership promotion and performance in Wikipedia, a prominent open collaboration community. This study extends previous work on governance and leadership by developing and validating a more complete measurement model of leadership performance in an open collaboration community, and proposing a testable model of leadership promotion and performance within this context. 0 0