Avoimen suomenkielisen morfologian liittäminen Wikimedian hakujärjestelmään

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Avoimen suomenkielisen morfologian liittäminen Wikimedian hakujärjestelmään is a 2012 master's thesis written in Finnish by Niklas Laxström and published in University of Helsinki.

[edit] Abstract

In my thesis I investigated the feasibility of using a Finnish morphology implementation with the Lucene search system. With the same Lucene-search package that is used by the Wikimedia Foundation I built two search indexes: one with the existing Porter stemming algorithm and the other one with morphological analysis. The corpus I used was the current text dump of Finnish Wikipedia. [...]

See http://laxstrom.name/blag/2012/02/13/exploring-the-states-of-open-source-search-stack-supporting-finnish/

[edit] References

This publication has 9 references. Only those references related to wikis are included here:

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