Autorégulation de rapports sociaux et dispositif dans Wikipedia

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Autorégulation de rapports sociaux et dispositif dans Wikipedia is a 2011 journal article written in French by Jacquemin B. and published in Document Numerique.

[edit] Abstract

As a collaborative work, the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia leads naturally the contributors to work with each other and to face their opinions. But no frame is provided to control the collaboration, neither in the five fundamental principles, nor from the wiki software. This article studies how the contributing community thinks up original ways to promote collaboration, social exchanges and conflict resolution. The concept of device (dispositif), and especially how governance shows itself in a collaborative device, is used to analyse these ways. Two views of the power conflict in the community: one permits contributors to break the rules to strive to Wikipedia's goal; the other one makes sure to enforce strictly the rules. Even though the latter seems to prevail, there is some evidence that loyalty may sometimes be illusory.

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