Automatic document tagging using online knowledge base

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Automatic document tagging using online knowledge base is a 2011 conference paper written in English by Choi C., Hwang M., Choi D., Choi J., Kim P. and published in Information.

[edit] Abstract

Online Knowledge bases are utilized for semantic information processing such as WordNet. However, research indicates the existing knowledge base cannot cover all concepts used in talking and writing in the real world. It is necessary to use online knowledge base such as Wikipedia to resolve this limitation. Web document tagging generally chooses core words from a document itself. However, the core words are not standardized taggers. Thus, users should make an effort to grasp the tagged words first in the retrieval. This paper proposes methods to utilize titles (Wiki concept) of Wikipedia documents and to find the best Wiki concept that describes the Web documents (target documents). In addition to these methods, the research tries to classify target documents into a Wikipedia category (Wiki category) for semantic document interconnections.

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