Assessing trustworthiness in collaborative environments

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Assessing trustworthiness in collaborative environments is a 2013 conference paper written in English by Segall J., Mayhew M.J., Atighetchi M., Greenstadt R. and published in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series.

[edit] Abstract

Collaborative environments, specifically those concerning in- formation creation and exchange, increasingly demand notions of trust and accountability. In the absence of explicit authority, the quality of information is often unknown. Using Wikipedia edit sequences as a use case scenario, we detail experiments in the determination of community-based user and document trust. Our results show success in answering the first of many research questions: Provided a user's edit history, is a given edit to a document positively contributing to its content? We detail how the ability to answer this question provides a preliminary framework towards a better model for collaborative trust and discuss subsequent areas of research necessary to broaden its utility and scope. Copyright 2012 ACM.

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