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Arnaud Gorgeon is an author.


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Web 2.0 according to Wikipedia: Capturing an organizing vision J. Am. Soc. Inf. Sci. English 2011 Is Web 2.0 more than a buzzword? In recent years, technologists and others have heatedly debated this question, even in Wikipedia, itself an example of Web 2.0. From the perspective of the present study, Web 2.0 may indeed be a buzzword, but more substantially it is also an example of an organizing vision that drives a community's discourse about certain new Information Technology (IT), serving to advance the technology's adoption and diffusion. Every organizing vision has a career that reflects its construction over time, and in the present study we examine Web 2.0's career as captured in its Wikipedia entry over a 5-year period, finding that it falls into three distinct periods termed Germination, Growth, and Maturation. The findings reveal how Wikipedia, as a discourse vehicle, treats new IT and its many buzzwords, and more broadly captures the careers of their organizing visions. Too, they further our understanding of Wikipedia as a new encyclopedic form, providing novel insights into its uses, its community of contributors, and their editing activities, as well as the dynamics of article construction. 0 0
Organizing the vision for web 2.0: A study of the evolution of the concept in Wikipedia Organization vision
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Web 2.0
WikiSym English 2009 Information Systems (IS) innovations are often characterized by buzzwords, reflecting organizing visions that structure and express the images and ideas formed by a wide community of users about their meaning and purpose. In this paper, we examine the evolution of Web 2.0, a buzzword that is now part of the discourse of a broad community, and look at its entry in Wikipedia over the three years since its inception in March 2005. We imported the revision history from Wikipedia, and analyzed and categorized the edits that were performed and the users that contributed to the article. The patterns of evolution of the types and numbers of contributors and edits lead us to propose four major periods in the evolution of the Web 2.0 article: Seeding, Germination, Growth and Maturity. During the Seeding period, the article evolved mostly underground, with few edits and few contributors active. The article growth took off during the Germination period, receiving increasing attention. Growth was the most active period of development, but also the most controversial. During the last period, Maturity, the article received a decreasing level of attention, current and potential contributors losing interest, as a consensus about what the concept of Web 2.0 means seemed to have been reached. Copyright 0 2
Organizing the vision for web 2.0: a study of the evolution of the concept in Wikipedia Wikipedia
Organization vision
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Web 2.0
WikiSym English 2009 0 2