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Ari Hautasaari is an author.


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Could someone please translate this? - Activity analysis of wikipedia article translation by non-experts Activity analysis
English 2013 Wikipedia translation activities aim to improve the quality of the multilingual Wikipedia through article translation. We performed an activity analysis of the translation work done by individual English to Chinese non-expert translators, who translated linguistically complex Wikipedia articles in a laboratory setting. From the analysis, which was based on Activity Theory, and which examined both information search and translation activities, we derived three translation strategies that were used to inform the design of a support system for human translation activities in Wikipedia. Copyright 2013 ACM. 0 0
Discussion about translation in Wikipedia Talk page
Proceedings - 2011 2nd International Conference on Culture and Computing, Culture and Computing 2011 English 2011 Discussion pages in individual Wikipedia articles are a channel for communication and collaboration between Wikipedia contributors. Although discussion pages contribute to a large portion of the online encyclopedia, there have been relatively few in-depth studies conducted on the type of communication and collaboration in the multilingual Wikipedia, especially regarding translation activities. This paper reports the results on an analysis of discussion about translation in the Finnish, French and Japanese Wikipedias. The analysis results highlight the main problems in Wikipedia translation requiring interaction with the community. Unlike reported in previous works, community interaction in Wikipedia translation focuses on solving problems in source referencing, proper nouns and transliteration in articles, rather than mechanical translation of words and sentences. Based on these findings we propose future directions for supporting translation activities in Wikipedia. 0 0