Are buildings only instances? Exploration in architectural style categories

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Are buildings only instances? Exploration in architectural style categories is a 2012 conference paper written in English by Goel A., Juneja M., Jawahar C.V. and published in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series.

[edit] Abstract

Instance retrieval has emerged as a promising research area with buildings as the popular test subject. Given a query image or region, the objective is to find images in the database containing the same object or scene. There has been a recent surge in efforts in finding instances of the same building in challenging datasets such as the Oxford 5k dataset [19], Oxford 100k dataset and the Paris dataset [20]. We ascend one level higher and pose the question: Are Buildings Only Instances? Buildings located in the same geographical region or constructed in a certain time period in history often follow a specific method of construction. These architectural styles are characterized by certain features which distinguish them from other styles of architecture. We explore, beyond the idea of buildings as instances, the possibility that buildings can be categorized based on the architectural style. Certain characteristic features distinguish an architectural style from others. We perform experiments to evaluate how characteristic information obtained from low-level feature configurations can help in classification of buildings into architectural style categories. Encouraged by our observations, we mine characteristic features with semantic utility for different architectural styles from our dataset of European monuments. These mined features are of various scales, and provide an insight into what makes a particular architectural style category distinct. The utility of the mined characteristics is verified from Wikipedia.

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