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Annika Lindkvist is an author.


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Wikipedia – informationspublicering på Internet ur ett genus- och maktperspektiv Information publishing
Digital divide
Digital democracy
Swedish 2007 Title in English: Wikipedia – Internet publishing from a gender- and power perspective.

This essay is about publishing on the Internet and aims to understand the differences between publishing information on the webpage Wikipedia (Swedish version) in contrast to other in-formation pages on the Internet, for example blog, discussion pages, homepages etcetera. The study is based upon an article which described that 90% of the information publishers at Wi-kipedia belongs to a small elite of white, western, well educated men between the age of thirty to thirty-three. This study examines why people who does not belong to this heteronormativi-ty publish information in other Internet places but not at Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is an open source site, where anyone can publish and are even encouraged to do so and is often described as an utopian dream of the digital democracy, so why don´t people ex-press themselves on Wikipedia? The method is based on two discussion groups, which are compared and analyzed. The study is based upon theoretical competence within feminist theory and conceptions such as intersectionality, heteronormativity and digital divide as well as theories about digital devices and social order. The analyses concluded that Wikipedias structure restrains people from contributing with information on the site, that is understand to be associated with true and objective information and prestige. It is also compared to the printed encyclopedia which also strengthens this understanding. And when people publish information in other coherences it is based upon their own understanding, and this require-ment for true and objective information at Wikipedia hinder many.
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