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Andreas Lund is an author.


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Visualisation of trajectories of participation in a wiki: A basis for feedback and assessment? Assessment
Trajectories of participation
Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy English 2012 Learning from digital resources requires different competences compared to learning from textbooks. Such competences cannot be fostered without support; social and material. However, assessment of such practices is not well accounted for. We analyse data from a four year intervention study where teachers and researchers collaborated in developing a wiki to afford relevant tasks and assessment of students' activities. Our findings show that material tools may afford and make visible ideas for future assessment practices, but that such practices have not materialized beyond 'what might be'. 0 0
The right tool for the wrong task? Match and mismatch between first and second stimulus in double stimulation Collaborative knowledge construction
Double stimulation
International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning English 2008 Using Vygotsky's notion of double stimulation as an analytical tool, we discuss the complex relationship between tasks, tools, and agency in CSCL environments. Empirically we examine how learners in a Norwegian senior high school class learning English as a foreign language approach and respond to an open-ended and collectively oriented task using a wiki. Our findings show that collectively oriented knowledge and language production takes place locally in small groups as well as in the larger collective of the class, and that learners find it difficult to maintain awareness of both levels of activity. However, when facing a breakdown in the wiki application, learners sustained strategies that carried many of the characteristics of collective production. We argue that there is a need to further theorize the task-tool relationship in activities involving collective knowledge production and that we need to align pedagogical as well as technological designs in order to give support for such efforts. © 2008 International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc.; Springer Science + Business Media, LLC. 0 0
Wikis: A collective approach to language production Collective language production
Sociocultural theory
ReCALL English 2008 0 2