Analysis on construction of information commons of Wiki-based Olympic Library

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Analysis on construction of information commons of Wiki-based Olympic Library is a 2012 conference paper written in English by Ma Q. and published in Proceedings - 2012 International Conference on Computer Science and Information Processing, CSIP 2012.

[edit] Abstract

As one of the WEB2.0 technologies, wiki technology emerged in the early 21st century after Beijing Olympics. This study explores how to put such technology into application by effectively using the Olympic legacy of Beijing Olympic Games - Olympic Library. It uses literature methods, and combines with practical work experiences. Firstly, it introduces the overview of the Library of Capital Institute of Physical Education in the Olympic Library Project, and the development of Olympic Library in post-Olympic period; then, it collates the basic concepts of information commons (IC) within the industry, including the concept of IC, composing elements and the IC construction profiles in national libraries; finally, based on the existing conditions and the Olympic libraries advantages and combined with the rapid development of the digital environment, it discusses the application of wiki technology, the principles and ideas to achieve the innovative development of Olympic Library through the construction of information commons.

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