An approach of filtering wrong-type entities for entity ranking

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An approach of filtering wrong-type entities for entity ranking is a 2013 journal article written in English by Zhang J., Qu Y., Gong S., Tian S., Sun H. and published in IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems.

[edit] Abstract

Entity is an important information carrier in Web pages. Users would like to directly get a list of relevant entities instead of a list of documents when they submit a query to the search engine. So the research of related entity finding (REF) is a meaningful work. In this paper we investigate the most important task of REF: Entity Ranking. The wrong-type entities which don't belong to the target-entity type will pollute the ranking result. We propose a novel method to filter wrong-type entities. We focus on the acquisition of seed entities and automatically extracting the common Wikipedia categories of target-entity type. Also we demonstrate how to filter wrong-type entities using the proposed model. The experimental results show our method can filter wrong-type entities effectively and improve the results of entity ranking.

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