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An analysis of topical coverage of Wikipedia is a 2008 journal article by A. Halavais, D. Lackaff and published in Journal of Computer Mediated Communication.

[edit] Abstract

Many have questioned the reliability and accuracy of Wikipedia. This article looks at a different but closely related one in the following: How broad is the coverage of Wikipedia? Differences in the interests and attention of Wikipedia's editors mean that some areas, in the traditional sciences, for example, are better covered than others. Two approaches to measuring this coverage are presented. The first maps the distribution of topics on Wikipedia to the distribution of books published. The second compares the distribution of topics in three established, field-specific academic encyclopedias to the articles found in Wikipedia. Unlike the top-down construction of traditional encyclopedias, Wikipedia's topical coverage is driven by the interests of its users, and as a result, the reliability and completeness of Wikipedia is likely to be different depending on the subject area of the article.

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