An agent- based semantic web service discovery framework

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An agent- based semantic web service discovery framework is a 2009 conference paper written in English by Neiat A.G., Mohsenzadeh M., Forsati R., Rahmani A.M. and published in Proceedings - 2009 International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation, ICCMS 2009.

[edit] Abstract

Web services have changed the Web from a database of static documents to a service provider. To improve the automation of Web services interoperation, a lot of technologies are recommended, such as semantic Web services and agents. In this paper we propose a framework for semantic Web service discovery based on semantic Web services and FIPA multi agents. This paper provides a broker which provides semantic interoperability between semantic Web service provider and agents by translating WSDL to DF description for semantic Web services and DF description to WSDL forFIPA multi agents. We describe how the proposed architecture analyzes the request and match search query. The ontology management in the broker creates the user ontology and merges it with general ontology (i.e. WordNet, Yago, Wikipedia ⋯). We also describe the recommendation component that recommends the WSDL to Web service provider to increase their retrieval probability in the related queries.

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