An Empirical Exploration of Using Wiki in an English as a Second Language Course

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An empirical exploration of using Wiki in an English as a second language course is a 2005 conference paper written in English by Hao-Chuan Wang, Chun-Hung Lu, Jun-Yi Yang, Hsin-Wen Hu, Guey-Fa Chiou, Yueh-Tzu Chiang and published in Proceedings - 5th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, ICALT 2005.

[edit] Abstract

In this paper, we present an empirical study of using a new and cost-effective Web-based collaboration software, Wiki, in a freshman-level English as a second language (ESL) course. This paper explores and observes the scenario: What if the Wiki tool were to be used in an English as a second language course in Taiwan? Students who attended this study practiced English writing on a Wiki website. The data about their usage and learning achievements was collected and analyzed. Our finding of a significant, but inverse, relation between students' editing usage and academic performance challenges some idealistic hypotheses that Wiki technology is "naturally beneficial" to learning. We believe that building an instructive or constructive instructional model with Wiki in a rigorous manner requires more empirical evidence. This study provides fresh evidence that will hopefully serve as an impetus to fill that gap.

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