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Ammy J. Phuwanartnurak is an author.


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Did you put it on the wiki?: information sharing through wikis in interdisciplinary design collaboration Information sharing
Interdisciplinary design
User study
Wiki log
SIGDOC'09 - Proceedings of the 27th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication English 2009 Interdisciplinary design is challenging, in large measure, because of the difficulty in communicating and coordinating across disciplines. Team members from different disciplines may view and solve the same problem from different perspectives, with their own unique method and language, which may create barriers to information sharing. Wikis, in particular, have gained popularity as a collaborative tool and have been claimed to support collaboration and information sharing. Despite the increasing use of wikis in design projects, there has been little research attention to how wikis are actually used by design teams. This paper describes a field study of two interdisciplinary design teams, seeking to discover how wikis support information sharing in software development projects. The study provides empirical evidence on the use of wikis in interdisciplinary design work, which will be used to develop guidelines on the effective use of wikis to support interdisciplinary design collaboration. 0 0