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Alejandro Fernandez is an author.


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Thinking semantic wikis as learning object repositories Learning Object Repositories
Learning Objects
Semantic Wikis
CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2012 Wikis have been extensively adopted in educational contexts becoming repositories of potentially reusable, self-contained learning units (commonly known as learning objects). Unfortunately, wikis lack of the packaging and metadata facilities that are needed to enable effective reuse of these units. In this article we propose an approach to use semantic wikis as learning object repositories, we discuss its challenges and its potential, and we present a conceptual model and its implementation based on the Semantic MediaWiki engine. 0 0
Semantic wiki refactoring. A strategy to assist semantic wiki evolution CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2010 The content and structure of a wiki evolve as a result of the collaborative effort of the wiki users. In semantic wikis, this also results in the evolution of the ontology that is implicitly expressed through the semantic annotations. Without proper guidance, the semantic wiki can evolve in a chaotic manner resulting in quality problems in the underlying ontology, e.g. inconsistencies. As the wiki grows in size, the detection and solution of quality problems become more diffcult. We propose an approach to detect quality problems in semantic wikis and assist users in the process of solving them. Our approach is inspired by the key principles of software refactoring, namely the cataloging and automated detection of quality problems (bad smells), and the application of quality improvement transformations (refactorings). In this paper we discuss the problem of evolving semantic wikis, present the core model of our approach, and introduce an extensible catalog of semantic wiki bad smells and an extensible toolkit of semantic wiki refactorings. 0 0
Scaki - The Scaffolding Wiki DEXA English 2004 Support for documenting and managing work processes is valuable for any distributed software development team. Existing tools for process documentation and enactment are complex and expensive. Scaffolding is a simple approach to describe practices. WikiWikiWeb is a simple and inexpensive collaborative publication tool. This paper proposes extensions to exploit the simplicity of WikiWikiWeb to create and tailor scaffoldings of work processes that can be enacted. 0 0