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Alan Brown is an author.


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Knowledge Maturing in the Semantic MediaWiki: A Design Study in Career Guidance Knowledge Maturing
Semantic MediaWiki
EC-TEL English 2009 0 0
Knowledge maturing in the semantic mediawiki: A design study in career guidance Knowledge Maturing
Semantic MediaWiki
Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2009 The evolutionary process in which knowledge objects are transformed from informal and highly contextualized artefacts into explicitly linked and formalized learning objects, together with the corresponding organisational learning processes, have been termed Knowledge Maturing. Whereas wikis and other tools for collaborative building of knowledge have been suggested as useful tools in this context, they lack several features for supporting the knowledge maturing process in organisational settings. To overcome this, we have developed a prototype based on Semantic MediaWiki which enhances the wiki with various maturing functionalities like maturing indicators or mark-up support. 0 0