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Agni Stylianou-Georgiou is an author.


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Title Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Monitoring teachers' complex thinking while engaging in philosophical inquiry with web 2.0 Caring thinking
Complex thinking
Creative thinking
Critical thinking
Philosophical inquiry
Philosophy for children
Technology integration
Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2014 The purpose of this study was to examine how we can exploit new technologies to scaffold and monitor the development of teachers' complex thinking while engaging in philosophical inquiry. We set up an online learning environment using wiki and forum technologies and we organized the activity in four major steps to scaffold complex thinking for the teacher participants. In this article, we present the evolution of complex thinking of one group of teachers by studying their interactions in depth. 0 0
Mashing-up wikis and forums: A case study of collaborative problem-based activity Collaborative artifact construction
Collaborative learning
Visualization techniques
Educational Media International English 2012 A lot of studies have investigated the isolated use of threaded discussion and wiki technologies to facilitate collaboration in online learning settings. Nevertheless, the integration of both technologies into a potentially superior collaborative learning tool has not been explicitly investigated. This manuscript reports on an effort to undertake the merging and cooperation of wiki and threaded discussion technologies into a more sophisticated technology that better supports collaboration during problem-based activity in computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) settings. Two customized collaboration technologies were investigated for their affordances to support students' cognitive processes and interactions during the construction of a group solution to an authentic problem. We found that one technology - WikiSplit - was particularly successful in promoting diversity of ideas (forum mode) while allowing learners to periodically update a group-owned document with syntheses of their emerging and shared understandings (wiki mode). We discuss how the integrated use of both a forum and a wiki, packaged together as one tool, can support and mediate desirable CSCL interactions during problem-based activity. 0 0
Fostering online collaborative learning using wikis: a pilot study CSCL English 2009 0 0