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Accessing dynamic web page in users language is a 2011 conference paper written in English by Sharma M.K., Saha P.K., Sarcar S., Ghosh S., Samanta D. and published in TechSym 2011 - Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE Students' Technology Symposium.

[edit] Abstract

In recent years, there is a rapid advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). However, the explosive growth of ICT and its many applications in education, health, agriculture etc. are confined to a limited number of privileged people who have both language and digital literacy. At present the repositories in Internet are mainly in English, as a consequence users unfamiliar to English are not able to get benefits from Internet. Although many enterprises like Google have addressed this problem by providing translation engines but they have their own limitations. One major limitation is that translation engines fail to translate the dynamic content of the web pages which are written in English in web server database. We address the problem in this work and propose a user friendly interface mechanism through which a user can interact to any web services in Internet. We illustrate the access of Indian Railway Passenger Reservation System and interaction with Wikipedia English Website signifying the efficacy of the proposed mechanism as two case studies.

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