A wiki based concept of a generic process model of IPD for university teaching in an interdisciplinary environment

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A wiki based concept of a generic process model of IPD for university teaching in an interdisciplinary environment is a 2007 conference paper written in English by Von Specht E.U., Vajna S., Jordan A. and published in Proceedings of ICED 2007, the 16th International Conference on Engineering Design.

[edit] Abstract

The integration of the approach of Integrated Product Development (IPD) as a graduate course of studies into the field of university teaching of the University Magdeburg will be portrayed. This is based on showing the limits of design methodologies and describing the necessity of IPD accompanied by a brief excursus to its history for creating the necessary basic knowledge. Afterwards the need of a process view in product development is described, taking especially in account the generic IPD process odel for supporting university project work in interdisciplinary student teams. Following the development philosophy of the IPD odel of Magdeburg it forms a holistic way of proceeding that integrates and describes technical and industrial designing procedures in the context of all necessary aspects for a successful product development. But this generic product development process is neither rigid nor normative. It should rather be a smart form of support while conducting development projects of students in the framework of university teaching. Currently. just a manual is available as a guideline for supporting the project work and for self-studies. It describes in detail a process driven procedure of IPD, goes into the bases of project and process anagement and additionally contains a description of a huge number of ethods and tools based on the generic IPD process. However this form of knowledge documentation and ediation can only provide a snapshot and is therefore not flexible enough for handling with changing conditions and requirements in product development. That is why we decided to go for an own IPD wiki to support our students more effectively. But which requirements does a wiki need to fulfil that is used in university teaching? What needs should be taken into account and which content shall be transported? The second part of the paper answers these questions and describes the actual experience with the wiki system. After a successful pilot phase with students. we plan to expand the IPD-wiki for the use in industry, especially focusing on the small business sector. For this purpose more research needs to be done.

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