A war of words: An explosion of encyclopedias

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A war of words: An explosion of encyclopedias is a 2006 Short Survey written in English by [[[No author name available]]] and published in Laser Focus World.

[edit] Abstract

An attempt had been made by the researcher for the critical comparison of the equally venerable Encyclopedia Britannica with the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. The band of eminent researchers found error in both publications, some major but the majority were minor. Britannica is conventionally developed with contribution from widely recognized academic experts in the fields, whereas Wikipedia is developed in an online collegial manner in which anyone can write an article and any registered reader can amend the article. Wikipedia has been a runaway success, with some arguably dubious contributions, while Britannica has been struggling to find its role in the Internet. It was found that Wikipedia was often the more pithy of the two but Britannica was often more literate, in a typical British way.

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